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Compliance Recorder Sleep Apnea Device

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Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea, which causes pauses in breathing during the night which results in repeated awakenings, loud snoring and gasps for air. While there are several devices available to help patients with sleep apnea, the inconvenience of these devices makes patient compliance difficult to achieve. But now a new FDA-cleared, oral device called a Compliance Recorder is available to treat mild and moderate sleep apnea while tracking and transmitting patient usage data.

Compliance Recorder Sleep Apnea DeviceSomnoDent is a leading manufacturer of oral devices for treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This company has developed the first and only oral device with compliance recording technology that is available in its wearable devices. The FDA-cleared device, which is called SomnoDent with Compliance Recorder is designed to be worn during sleep to provide continuous open airway therapy or COAT by moving the jaw slightly forward. This movement tightens the soft tissue and muscles of the upper airway to prevent the airway from collapsing, thus reducing apnea during sleep. The device accurately tracks and analyzes when the patient is wearing the device and can transmit date to a cloud portal so the data can be accessed by the prescribing physician.

This compliance recorder is deemed a viable CPAP alternative as many patients who are prescribed CPAP masks and machines choose not to use the devices. Many sleep apnea patients complain that the CPAP masks are big, bulky, uncomfortable and inconvenient even though CPAP treatment is effective and does offer patient compliance monitoring.

The compliance recorder offers a way for patients to actively participate in their sleep apnea treatment as a patient using this device can develop a meaningful relationship with their physician to feel empowered. It is known that half of all patients prescribed standard sleep apnea devices like the CPAP mask and machine are not compliant with using their devices. This new device is a smaller, less intrusive and more attractive alternative for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP machines.

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