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The Spark Advantage:

  • We specialize only in Sleep Apnea and Snoring treatments. Get the level of care and expertise you deserve.
  • We offer over 100 CPAP Alternatives and snoring treatments.
  • We accept most medical insurances including PPO, HMO, Kaiser & Medicare.
  • We will coordinate with your medical providers and your insurance so you don’t have to.

Our office focuses exclusively on the screening, treatment and follow-up of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Our patients are dealing with at least one of the following three conditions:

Prevent Sleep Apnea with SomnoDent
  1. Snoring
  2. Sleep Apnea
  3. CPAP Intolerance: Looking for an alternative or addition to CPAP

We fabricate FDA approved, comfortable, adjustable, custom fit and portable oral appliances that fit like a nightguard or retainer, and are worn only while you sleep. The Oral Appliance (dental device) works by opening your airway by not allowing the soft tissues and tongue to collapse as occurs during sleep.

Remember, that Dr. Shah is strictly a Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ therapy provider. With this specialization, you will have access to over 100 CPAP alternatives and snoring treatments.

We emphasize in getting you the best care with total insurance coverage. Come see why so many residents from the Bay Area and beyond have chosen us for their sleep apnea, snoring and CPAP alternatives.

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WE PROVE OUR WORK with State of the Art Sleep Technology:

State of the art sleep technology

Our office is one of only a handful of offices in the nation to have a Pharyngometer and Rhinometer to comfortably analyze you’re the size of your airway and nasal passages in real time while you are in the office. These simple tests help us validate if oral appliances will work for you. Your airway is measured for obstructions and stability before, during, and after receiving the oral appliance.
We strive to be your Bay Area Dental Sleep Apnea Specialist. So, give us a call today!