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What To Expect

Prior to arriving to your 1st appointment:

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Tips to Speed Up Your Treatment

  1. Call us with your Medical Insurance information on your card
  2. Fax us a copy of your most recent sleep study
  3. Fill out the Office Registration and Medical History Forms


Please bring to your 1st appointment:

  1. Your Medical Insurance Card and Picture I.D.
  2. Copy of your most recent Sleep Study
  3. Referral or Prescription from your sleep physician or primary care physician (if available)
  4. Copy of your dental X-rays (if available and either a full mouth set or a panoramic)


Steps involved in treatment:

The consulation and exam are very comfortable and include a review of your medical history, and an examination of your teeth, surrounding tissues, facial muscles, jaw and airway. Unique to our office is the use of a Pharyngometer and Rhinometer. These devices measure real-time air volume via soft sound waves to help us determine if oral appliance therapy is right for you.

In a short presentation, various treatment options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea including the different models of Oral Appliances suitable for you will also be reviewed. After all of your questions are answered, and if you would like to began treatment on the same day, impressions of your upper and lower teeth will be taken for fabrication of your custom Oral Appliance, as well as a record of your occlusion / bite. If you are being treated for sleep apnea, we will verify successful treatment of your apnea with a follow up sleep study and coordination with your treating physicians.

All final documentation will be relayed to your referring physician, primary care physician and insurance.